Have you seen a cheetah in Zimbabwe?

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Click on the poster to learn how to tell the difference between the spotted cats of Zimbabwe: cheetah, leopard and serval.

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Cheetah Update

The coming year Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe will be on the road carrying out a population survey to find out where cheetahs occurs, how many cheetahs there are, and what conservation challenges the cheetahs in Zimbabwe face. We will keep a regular blog about our adventures. If you would like to know what it is like to start a conservation project and carry out a population survey please follow us via facebook or check out our blog.

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If you think all cheetahs look the same, check again! Although at first sight you might not see any differences, at second sight you will find that each cheetah has unique distinctive features within its spot pattern. If you would like to see if you are able to identify cheetah,
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Cheetah Pictures

People send us cheetah pictures which we use to identify individuals based on their unique spot patterns. Have a look at some of these beautiful pictures!

Did you know a cheetah mother calls her cubs with a chirp? Find more cheetah facts ...

The cheetahs of Zimbabwe

It is too early to speculate about cheetah numbers but one thing we know for sure; they are there! So far we have collected 512 cheetah sightings from all over Zimbabwe. If you would like to know where cheetahs occur and how many cheetahs we have so far been able to identify check out the cheetahs of Zimbabwe section.

Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe

The Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe (CCPZ) was founded in January 2012. The aim of the project is to carry out research that will help to strengthen the conservation strategy of the species. We are currently conducting a population survey of which the results will help us to set up conservation/education projects where it is most needed. In order to build capacity in the cheetah conservation field we work with Zimbabwean students, hence our affiliation to the National University of Science and Technology.

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